PCB36-SBU1 v2Edit

  • TESTED: Solar panel input
  • TESTED: USB mini B input
  • TESTED: USB A output
  • TESTED: LiPo input/output
  • Schottky diode pads are too small for SOD-123LF package, but you can add solder to bridge the gaps. Recommendation: make pads larger
  • SOT23-5 pads are a bit too small for syringe paste application. Recommendation: make pads larger
  • USB D-/D+ signals are not passed through. Recommendation: pass D-/D+ signals through from USB mini B to USB A jacks and add resistors to match iPhone charging requirements
  • Silkscreen labels for SMD parts are too small. Recommendation: use larger labels
  • Power wires don't fit well in C3 cases. Recommendation: add notches to PCB for wire
  • Solder SMD parts first, then PTH parts