const int pinLEDLft = 19; // the number of the LED pin
 const int pinLEDRht = 20; // the number of the LED pin
 const int pinLEDTeensy = 11;
 const int pinIROut = 12;
 const int pinIRIn = 9;
 int stateLEDLft = HIGH;
 int valIR;
 void setup() {
   pinMode(pinLEDLft, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(pinLEDRht, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(pinIROut, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(pinLEDTeensy, OUTPUT);
 void loop() { 
   Serial.print("IRTest ");
   digitalWrite(pinIROut, stateLEDLft);
   digitalWrite(pinLEDTeensy, stateLEDLft);
   //digitalWrite(pinLEDLft, stateLEDLft);
   stateLEDLft = !stateLEDLft;
   valIR = analogRead(9); 

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